jueves, 7 de junio de 2007

A normal day

Why BI solutions and to have an integrated company could be very valuable for the business areas of a corporation?

Imagine a country like Argentina, at the end of 2001, where from one day to another, reference prices did not exist anymore, where was very difficult for companies to say which was the right price for they products, analyzing different market values

BI solutions help some companies to make decisions in a question of hours about the right price of products depending on the region, transportation, how many stores still open and so on. Decisions that in other way should last weeks, followed by loosing money, market and customers credibility.

Now, imagine a painting products company, who was used to sell 10% more each year but, they didn’t make in account that this year the rainy season was ended one month before than planned, which produce that people begin painting their pools before.

That climate issue broke the seasonality, having a strong impact not only in sales, but also in the production area, due to it produces an important change in the production plans.

In this case, data mining solutions, let companies to work with different scenarios in order to be able to anticipate itself to situations that could happen, doing that as a normal process, following a established plan, allowing the company to save time and earn more money.

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