domingo, 15 de julio de 2007

BI as a Service

A huge problem that several BI projects have is the return of investment (ROI). As we’ve talked in a previous post, many times this ROI is difficult to calculate because it’s not tangible.

I think that a feasible alternative for this projects is to provide BI as a service, where the company can contract a service to consulting firm including Software, Hardware and Consulting. In the fist two topics, company will pay an outsourcing cost, that could vary according the last of the contract and in the consulting topic, the project will have a setup cost and an outsorcing cost in the same way than software and hardware topics.

To finish, the company should not invest in goods that are neither strategic nor core business, which have a positive impact at the time to justify projects with the finance department. With this scheme, the objective is to build a relationship with a high level of commitment and a reliable society between both parts in the long term.

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